Name Level Type
Area 51 10 Alert
Bludhaven 24 Alert
Gorilla Island 14 Alert
Hive Moon Base 16 Alert
Oolong Island 20 Alert
Gotham Old Subway 30 Challenge Mode
Gotham University Warehouse 30 Challenge Mode
Joker's Funhouse 30 Challenge Mode
Lair of the Spectre 30 Challenge Mode
Mannheim's Chinese Theater 30 Challenge Mode
Mannheim's Chinese Theatre 30 Challenge Mode
Meta Research Wing 30 Challenge Mode
Metropolis University 30 Challenge Mode
Science Police HQ 30 Challenge Mode
Sentinels of Magic Citadel 30 Challenge Mode
The Greenhouse 30 Challenge Mode
Cape Carmine Lighthouse 30 Duo
Cosmic Treadmill: Flashback 30 Duo
Ferris Aircraft 30 Duo
Gorilla Grodd's Lab 30 Duo
Gotham Hospital 30 Duo
Gotham Mercy Hospital 30 Duo
Gotham Old Subway 30 Duo
Gotham University 30 Duo
Hive Base 30 Duo
Metropolis City Hall 30 Duo
OMAC Base 30 Duo
Riverfront Center 30 Duo
Riverside Hotel 30 Duo
Aphrodite's Temple 30 Event
Ace Chemicals 30 Hard Alert
Area 51 30 Hard Alert
Arkham Asylum 30 Hard Alert
Batcave: Outer Caverns 30 Hard Alert
Coast City 30 Hard Alert
Hall of Doom Armory 30 Hard Alert
Hive Moon Base 30 Hard Alert
League of Assassins Stronghold 30 Hard Alert
Oan Sciencecells 30 Hard Alert
Oolong Island 30 Hard Alert
Smallville 30 Hard Alert
South Gotham Courthouse 30 Hard Alert
STAR Labs Research Facility 30 Hard Alert
Stryker's Island Penitentiary 30 Hard Alert
Watchtower Containment Facility 30 Hard Alert
Fortress of Solitude: Power Core 30 Novice Raid
8th Precinct Interior - Raven's Destiny 7 Quest
A Shadow of Hell 23 Quest
Cape Carmine Lighthouse 7 Quest
Chinatown Cafe 15 Quest
Chinatown Electronics 14 Quest
Condemned Shipping Office 22 Quest
East End Regal Hotel 15 Quest
Ellsworth Memorial Hospital 15 Quest
Gorilla Grodd's Lab 3 Quest
Gotham Star Labs 30 Quest
Gotham University 23 Quest
Hive Base 7 Quest
Joker's Funhouse 11 Quest
JSA Metropolis Wing 26 Quest
Lair of the Spectre 26 Quest
Mannheim's Chinese Theater 3 Quest
Meta Research Wing 10 Quest
Metropolis City Hall 19 Quest
Metro Station Building 10 Quest
Monarch Playing Card Factory 18 Quest
Oblivion Bar 30 Quest
Old STAR Labs 15 Quest
Omac Base 27 Quest
Sentinels of Magic Base 15 Quest
Temple of Crime 23 Quest
The Greenhouse 15 Quest
T.O. Morrow's Lab 30 Quest
Batcave: Brainiac Sub-Construct 30 Raid
Batcave: Inner Sanctum 30 Raid
Batcave: Outer Caverns 30 Raid
Fortress of Solitude: Power Core 30 Raid
Fortress of Solitude: Sunstone Matrix 30 Raid
Fortress of Solitude: The Chasm 30 Raid
Kahndaq 30 Raid
Themyscira: The Gates of Tartarus 30 Raid
The Prime Battleground 30 Raid
The Vault 6 Vault